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Testing "Other" Profile


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There is an error when you add an item in the list of "'Other'" protect it never does not work


It was true, marked
All options
Never works
After running the process does not protect
As if empty
But when I choose, for example, list of ""media""
It works wonderfully and also any list
Only list

Tested by Test.exe


Also I have a question
You could make the program protects all windows processes?
And sorry if it was incomprehensible
Thank you
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yes ,Staff

 i use mbae-test.exe

Thank you very much for your answer


But my brother
What is the difference between menus
Why in the "other list "is not where examination
And the calculator works
How do we know from the list of "the other" work?


If I've a real process?
The second thing
It could make all applications protected?
Any program that works automatically?
I hope to add this option
It will be good
Where any unknown running process is automatic protection
The program will be very cool
thank you Again
you are the best ;)
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  • Staff

It is simply that the mbae-test.exe utility was designed to trigger a mitigation fine-tuned for the families it is applied for. The Other profile on the other hand is used as a fall-back in case a custom shield conflicts with one of the existing profiles.


Btw moving this to the Questions sub-forum.

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