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When will we have more granular settings for notifications? One annoying notification is if you have your scans scheduled at night when the computer is locked, when you log back in the next day you're always greeted with a dialog box that the scan completed, even if 0 threats are found. It requires clicking a FINISH button and then closing the next dialog. I used to scan daily, but now I'm only scanning weekly cause I'm tired of having to deal with the dialog boxes every single day when 0 threats are found.

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What version of MBAM are you running???

The current Consumer version of MBAM is


It's been the case for a long time (perhaps version 2.0 back in March 2014?) that scheduled, clean scans run silently from the system account, if MBAM Premium was properly installed and configured from a Windows Admin account.


IOW, there is no popup of either the scanner window or the scan log, or even a system tray notification, IF the scheduled scan is "clean".

(The scan results are logged in the GUI > History > Application logs.)



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I just went through this whole discussion with Larry through email support.


I'm running Home (Premium)


Every day I have it scan at 3am while my computer is locked and even with 0 threats identified it still pops this up which I have to close by clicking FINISHED.




And then I'm left with with dialog opened which I ALSO have to close...EVERY DAY.




Larry had be test with a scheduled scan set for while I was logged on my computer. It scanned in the background and I never saw any notifications/dialogs since 0 threats were detected. It only shows these dialogs IF it scans while the computer is locked.


I'm just glad that finally I'm not the only one that can't believe it pops this up even on a clean scan. Hopefully you'll be able to escalate this so it gets included in your schedule to have it addressed. BTW, it's been doing this for as long as I've had verion 2+ installed, I just finally got tired of it and reached out to support.

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Thanks for the additional information. :)

I am just a home user and forum volunteer, but AFAIK, this is the first report of such behavior reported here in the forum.


As you already have a ticket at the Help Desk and are being assisted by Larry (@LDTate, I presume), I suggest staying with that ticket.

He will have direct access to the MBAM Product Team, who can attempt to replicate, identify and fix what appears to be some sort of "bug", at least on your system.


A couple of other thoughts:

  • I assume Larry already checked this, but did you install and configure MBAM from an Admin account, not a LUA?
  • As a workaround, perhaps your daily threat scan could be scheduled for a time of day when the computer is not locked?
  • If this is a home, personal computer, perhaps it might be possible NOT to lock it?  IOW, changing the settings so that it does not lock might resolve the issue, as a workaround?
    • If this is NOT a home, personal computer, but is a work/business computer, then the current version of the program for that environment is actually 1.75 Pro.  Version is for home use on personal computers. ;)

Perhaps the MBAM Product Team will have some additional suggestions and advice.


Thank you again for reporting this,

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I came here because it didn't look like I was getting anywhere with Larry besides pinpointing that it only happens with the computer is locked. I was hoping that maybe he'd escalate it. The last thing he replied with was regarding disabling all notifications which clearly is not what is needed



Yes, my account is an Administrator.

My workaround for now is to have it run only once a week, ie only getting bothered by the stupid dialog once a week instead of every day. I don't want it running while I'm logged in.

My desktop is both my personal computer as well as work. I'm a software developer and I work from home. It's locked to keep the pesky kids away from it ;)

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Thanks for the additional information.


I'm not sure why you are reluctant to schedule your scan while the system is awake and you are logged in?

It will run silently in the background, generally takes 10-15 minutes or less (depending on scan settings and other factors), and ought to exert no negative impact on the computer's resources (unless the hardware is quite old and basic).

Doing so will likely resolve the issue for you.


But it's also true that the main protection of MBAM Premium is the real-time protection -- scans are just a "second opinion" to look for malware that may have gotten onto the system past your anti-virus and MBAM.


It's certainly up to you, of course.


Please wait for additional assistance from the forum staff and MBAM Product Team.

They may need some basic system information in the form of Diagnostic Logs in order to better assist you.


Thank you,

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