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How to change MWB's startup behavior in Win8.x .

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Hi forum menbers,


I have MWB set to start when Windows starts. After I log into Windows, MWB starts as desired, but it doesn't just automatically reduce itself to the System Tray (ie. where the time, day and date display). Instead, MBW reduces itself to the Task bar, and is there flashing. That forces me to have to manally open MWB, then "X" out, just to get it to go away from the task bar. I would like not to have to manually intervene every time I log into Windows. How can I change MWB to just load silently and show in the System Tray like most anti-virus/anti-malware products do?


I appreciate your reply(s).


Regards . . .


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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes :)

Let's try this first....

Thank You,


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HI Firefox,


Thank you for the reply, Please allow me to make a correction to my observed issue:


In my OP, I said, ". . . Instead, MBW reduces itself to the Task bar, and is there flashing.". I know I've seen that flashing icon in the Taskbar before, but today it just a highlighted icon (non-flashing), like the icon you'd see if you opened up Word or Excel. If I right click on that icon, I see "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Notifications", pin this program to task bar", and "Close window".


Also note that I have already scheduled a weekly Automated "Threat scan" that is working (I see it ran in the History | Application Logs). That would imply to me that MWB should not be warning me after login that a scan needs to be done, because I already have scanning automated. I do notice today that my weekly scan has not occured in over a week. That is possibly becuase I have the scan scheduled for early AM, and the PC has been powered off (not sleep/hybernate) recently in the early AM. That said, even during periods where the PC was sleep/hybernate, the scan woke the PC up and ran on schedule, yet I still have MWB icon in the Task Bar.


Is my seeing that highlighted or flashing icon "by design" ? Or, should MWB automatically reduce itself to the System Tray?


I'm already at v2.1.8.1057 and today's database version. Do you still require the reports?


Regards . . .

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Before I have to jump through hoops, please let me ask this question in a different way:


When MWB is installed on a Win8.1 PC, and the user logs into the traditional Windows Desktop (ie. not Metro), is the user suppose to see a highlighted MWB icon on the Task bar ?


Thanks again . . .

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