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I recently installed MBAM Free v2 on a friend's computer, and when I went to the Advanced Settings screen, I tried to uncheck the "Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with Windows" option (since it was already checked, and I wasn't sure if it would conflict with her resident AV program). However, this option was grayed out, and hovering the mouse over the option resulted in the phrase "This feature is only available in Trial and Premium versions" appearing.


Initially I thought that this meant that the only way to not have MBAM automatically run on startup, was to upgrade her version and uncheck this option on the upgraded version. But after playing around it seems that even though this option is checked, the free version doesn't automatically start with Windows (which is what we wanted for now).


So maybe the various options that aren't available with the free version should be displayed as unchecked on this screen, or maybe there could be a disclaimer saying that these options are automatically disabled in the free version. Because as it displays now, it is a bit confusing.


Does my suggestion make sense, or am I completely misunderstanding this screen? I use MBAM Premium, so I am able to turn the options on or off with that version.



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