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PUP Application Settings & History Log

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I am using MBAM Premium on a Windows 10 PC. 


In Settings > Detection & Protection, I have PUP Detections & Protection set to "Treat Detections as Malware" (see attachment).  However, when I review the SCAN logs, it reports that my PUP choice is to WARN (see attachment).


Just curious why the discrepancy and if there's any way to rectify this.


Thank you.



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Welcome. :)
There has been a known "logging" bug for a while.
TBH, I'm not 100% sure if it's been completely fixed. :unsure:
AFAIK, if the GUI shows the correct setting, that is what the program is doing, even if the log shows otherwise.

(Staff will correct me if I am wrong about that.)
Having said all that, if you have recently upgraded to Win10 on top of another OS, OS upgrades/downgrades and even rolling back a computer with System Restore can "break" software.
So it might be worth trying a clean reinstall to see if that resolves the issue:

Please let us know how it goes.



P.S. Howdy there, friend, from KL forum. ;)

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Sounds like a plan -- let us know how it goes.



  • be sure to have your license info handy before you start
  • the removal tool will prompt for a reboot -- important
  • you probably won't be prompted to reboot after the fresh install, but it's a good idea to do so
  • while not strictly necessary, I do set mutual exclusions between MBAM and KIS -- let us know if you need help with that (which I seriously doubt)
  • don't tell you-know-who over there that <gasp!> you're running MBAM Premium alongside KIS/KAV/KTS :lol:


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Thank you for the help!  No, not a custom scan.  Simply the Threat Scan that is recommended by default.  It runs daily through the early morning hours.  I'm about to do the clean reinstall and will post those results back.

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The clean reinstall did the trick.  Both the Settings for PUP and the SCAN log now agree.  I did set exclusions for my anyi-virus software as suggested.  Thanks to both of you for the assistance.


BTW, MBAM Premium and my anyi-virus software seem very happy together.  No conflicts since ipgrading to Premium about 2-months ago.


Thanks again!

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