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My DeskTop is "KAPUT"

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Suspecting my PC was infected by Ad-ware etc I run the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware package downloaded from internet.


I must say... I was impressed by the speed of the operation and its findings (over 1000 "things" were reported)


After rebooting my desktop (WIN 8.1) speed seems to be improved but unfortunately I discovered a situation summarized below.



1) Cannot connect any longer to any Internet site either with Firefox (default) or Internet Explorer . (neither via WiFi nor ethernet cable)


2) Cannot send nor receive OutLook E-Mails


3) Skype is constantly searching for connectivity




A) Network and WiFi Diagnostics tun by Windows  result without any problems.


B) I can access network drives ( in my LAN ) with my "sick" PC


C) I can access my (sick) PC from a different  PC connected to my LAN.



Bottom line... my desktop has been dead (almost) for 24 hrs and a request I sent to the support team is still un-answered.


I will certainly apreciate any help/recommendation I can get.

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