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bsod wdf_violation error

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Try and boot into Recovery using your Windows DVD or the HDD Recovery partition; select "Windows System Restore"

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What operating system are you using? (XP, Vista, W7, W8, W8.1, W10)

Desktop or Laptop

Make and model would be nice also.


Do you have a Startup Repair disk/drive00?

Do you have installation media?  If so, where did you get it from (trying to figure out if it's the kind that you can use as a repair disk or not - also trying to figure out if you can wipe and start over).

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Please look on the bottom label of the laptop for the model number.


Do you have a hard-drive recovery partition?


Try pressing ESC key when booting - look for Recovery Options.


Also try F2, F10 and F12 during boot-up if ESC does not work.

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