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I'm maintaining the on-line advertising service chargeplatform.com
hosted between others at We are receiving complaints
from publishers using our adserver, that our service is being flagged
as malicious to users of your product.

The IP address has been assigned to us by our infrastructure provider,
Voxility, apparently being previously used by bulk email providers -
whose accounts have been terminated for some time. We have found
historical references to this at
https://www.projecthoneypot.org/ip_93.114.45.71 a database which I
presume you are using.

Our legal policy concerning the advertising product operated on that
IP address can be found at http://www.chargeplatform.com/terms and
http://www.chargeplatform.com/privacy respectively. For users targeted
by advertising from our platform, they can opt-out of targeted
advertising at the end of the `Privacy` page.

The adverts / creatives / banner ads that we run in our system are
jointly audited by Google AdExchange,Appnexus and Microsoft, as we are
operating a Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform, being interconnected
with the aforementioned inventory suppliers. We haven't come yet upon
a case of failed audit because of malware (granted we're a young

The email address listed for abuse on the RIPE netblock object
(abuse@voxility.com) is for real and responsive - we've been forwarded
a complaint in July this year from another user of your product,
complaining that our IP address is 'attacking him' when in fact his
browser was initiating outbound connection to our servers.

If you can point us to any abuse or cause of concern originating from
that IP address we will do our best to clarify our policy and correct
the causes.


Please let me know if more information is needed.

Sorana Roman

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