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Odd request from colleagues at work

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Hi tech support,


I love my MBAM premium and have often spoke of its usefuleness. So much so that some of my colleagues have downloaded the Malwarebytes free version - it appears recent updates have now transferred this to a premium - with the potential to require annual licence.


Is this the case?


They are puzzled and somehat disenchated....



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Hello and :welcome: :
Thanks for your support.
A bit of clarification....
The installer for the Consumer version of MBAM is the *same* for both the Free and the paid, Premium version. The current version is
The first time the installer is run on a system, a 14-day Trial version is enabled by default.
It includes all the paid, Premium features for 14 days.
After that , if it is not activated with a valid license, it will revert to the Free version, which is just a manual, on demand scanner.
If the user opts out of the Trial version or allows it to expire, then the program stays as the Free version.

If the user "activates" the program with a valid license, it unlocks the Premium features.
So perhaps that explains the behavior you describe?
Having said all of that, the Consumer version of MBAM (both Free AND Paid) is for use ONLY on personal computers for home use, as explained in the EULA.
Use of MBAM in a Business/Corporate/Educational/Non-Profit environment requires Business licensing, as explained HERE. The current version of that product is 1.75.
If you need help with this, you may wish to log a support ticket HERE -- they will assist you with obtaining proper licensing.

More info about v2.1.8 HERE
Version 2.1.8 Release History HERE
User Guide ONLINE
User Guide PDF
FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Thank you,

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