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Help: I renamed classpnp.sys to classpnp.old, and blue screen

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Hi All:

  Please help!

It starts that all of a sudden I could not start windows 7 safe mode. And it will hang on at classpnp.sys file. I can intermittently start in normal mode though. So I look up in the website and some guys suggested to rename the system file classpnp.sys into classpnp.old. So I went some trouble to change file ownership and change permission and then change the file name in c:\windows\system32\drivers\classpnp.sys into classpnp.old. After that I am screwed. When I tried to start windows 7 in safe mode or normal mode, I got blue green. This happened immediately after I change the file name so this must be the reason. Now I just want to change the name back to classpnp.sys. Obviously it is difficult for me to do since I tried each item after press F8, and most gives me blue screen. The only one is log into command line mode , but that one shows volumn label as X and did not have classpnp.old but classpnp.sys, so it is not the real system file in C:.

  Anyway, is there a decent way to change the system file name back?

  Thank you again for your help. It is urgent since I have to use my laptop heavily.



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Did you make a backup/system restore point before you made this change?

Even if you didn't, there may be a System Restore point available that you can use.


If so, use a Startup Repair disk to access System Restore and restore the system to a point before you made the change.

If there are no System Restore points, then try opening up a Command Prompt Ifrom the Startup Repair disk) and renaming classpnp.old to classpnp.sys (it should be located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder).

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I did make a restore point but when I choose restore point it says I did not designate a operation system so would not do the restore.

Thank you for the reply. But for command prompt, when I dir the files in system32\drivers, it shows the classpnp.sys (instead of .old), and its disk label is shown as X instead of C. So it is not really the actual C volumn and the change name there won't help.



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Can you run SFC.EXE /SCANNOW from an elevated (Run as adiminstrator) Command Prompt?

Does that help?

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