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Windows 10 Pro update and M/B issue

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I updated from Win 8.1 to 10 a few days ago.


My PC began to shut down/crash without warning, exactly 60 minutes after a power-on/restart.  This would be followed by an auto-reboot. When I say shut down, it was as if the power cord was suddenly unplugged.


As my antivirus took longer than 60 minutes to do a complete scan of my system drive, I couldn't rule out a virus (although I have never had one).


Instead, I decided to try a Malwarebytes scan.  I noticed there wasn't a taskbar icon for M/B, so I tried to load using the exe.  I kept getting an error that a M/B file was missing (didn't note which one), so I downloaded and installed the latest version.


Not only was I then able to launch M/B manually, but the 60-minute shut down stopped and has never returned.


There was nothing else I did to the system other than this.  I always run M/B at Windows startup.



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Hello and Welcome!

There have been a few reported issues where folks update from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 and had issues with Malwarebytes. Usually a clean re-install of Malwarebytes solves this issue. In your case you just reinstalled.

This is however the first time we hear about it causing the system to shut down in 60 minutes.

Either way, I am glad you resolved your issue.

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