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Scheduled Scan Misses Some Days

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Hi, @KenW:


While we wait for forum staff/experts, please also attach a couple of PROTECTION logs from the affected computer for the day(s) in question.

They will help to match up your scheduler settings in the CheckResults.txt log with what's actually happening in the Protection logs.>>


>>EDIT: It looks as if you are running Win10 and that MBAM was installed on 7/10/2015.  Did you do a CLEAN REINSTALL of MBAM after your Win10 upgrade?

>>Reason for asking is that OS upgrades/downgrades can wreak a bit of havoc on certain programs, especially security software.



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Yep, it looks to my amateur eyes as if your scheduler settings are messed up.


Mine -- for a daily scan every 1 day at 1700h, with no "recovery" setting, looks like this:



          dateinterval:                                        1:0:0
          lastscheduled:                                       Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:00:00.016108 -0500
          lasttriggered:                                       Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:00:00.016108 -0500
          nextscheduled:                                       Wed, 19 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000
          recovery:                                            00:00:00
          start:                                               Sun, 02 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000
          timeinterval:                                        00:00:00
          type:                                                4
          uuid:                                                468dda12-6d0b-4d67-a4ed-e7f03262af71
      type:                                                    scan
      uuid:                                                    f8ddbe96-9755-48ac-9a05-b6e7fc04532b



Yours appears to show a schedule of every *2* days, at 1147h, with a makeup period of 23 hours, but there are some settings missing:



          dateinterval:                                        2:0:0
          nextscheduled:                                       Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:47:35 +0000
          recovery:                                            23:00:00
          start:                                               Sat, 11 Jul 2015 11:47:35 +0000
          timeinterval:                                        00:00:00
          type:                                                4
          uuid:                                                9b25136e-3fa7-4bec-8839-0da466e4324f
      type:                                                    scan


So, please feel free to wait for @AdvancedSetup, if you wish.


But, I don't think it would hurt to proceed as follows:

  1. Remove all of your current tasks in the scheduler (at least the scheduled scan tasks) and create a new one from scratch, with the desired settings for time of day, frequency and recurrence.
    1. To test it, you could schedule a scan for a few hours from now, and then check the protection logs shortly thereafter to verify that it ran.
    2. If it did, then change the scheduled time to the one you want.  Then monitor for a few days. (Remember, clean, scheduled scans are "silent", so you'll need to check the protection logs to verify that they have run.)
  2. OR, since you probably did not cleanly reinstall MBAM after your Win10 upgrade, you could just start fresh with a CLEAN REINSTALL.

If neither of those does the trick, then we would probably need a fresh set of all 3 logs.



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Forgot if I reinstalled after Win 10 "upgrade". Guess it would not hurt to redo it. The only thing I changed was the time, don't know if that is ok to do considering MB programming problems. Looked in my download folder and all MB files are from 7/10.


In what log did you get your information about times and stuff ?


At least this is not a major problem

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Your MBAM install date shows as July 10 in your CheckResults.txt log.

All the other stuff is also buried in there.

It can be hard to read. So, I ran it on my system and posted the snippet from my log for side-by-side comparison.


The "easiest" thing to do would be to go to Settings > Automated Scheduling > click on the "Threat Scan" task > "Remove Task" and then create a new one from scratch for a daily Threat scan at the desired time, with a starting date of today.


But the "cleanest" thing to do -- especially if you upgraded to Win10 AFTER July 10 (the apparent date of your MBAM install) -- would just be to perform a CLEAN REINSTALL

It will only take about 5-10 minutes, or less.

That should remove all the "old" wonky settings, and get you back to a fresh set of default settings.

These can still be adjusted to suit your custom needs, or you could just run with the default settings for a few days and monitor the situation.


Ennywho -- that's just what I suggest.

@AdvancedSetup, @Firefox or one of the other forum experts may have different suggestions.



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Please be sure to reboot after running mbam-clean (when prompted) and again AFTER reinstalling (even if not prompted). ;)


Let us know how it goes (you can always add a temporary "scheduled scan" task for a few hours from now and then check the protection logs to see if it ran, or you can just wait it out and monitor for a few days).



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Should have waited. Stuck with the activation problem.  Grrrr


UGH. :(

As you know from hanging out here for a while, a clean reinstall is normally uneventful and the fastest way to resolve minor errors.


FIRST: Please check your system date and time to be sure they are correct.


NEXT: If you have an "old" license with both an ID and a Key, be sure to enter BOTH of these in their respective fields. (Only "new" replacement licenses have just a Key.)


If those don't work....


Can you please be more specific about the activation problem?

A specific error code (403 or 404)?

"Unable to access server"?

"Invalid" license?

IOW, what is the exact error, please.


>> Post a screen shot???<<


Thank you,

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Figured out the activation problem. May have written the key down wrong. Note added to printout.




Are you all set now?


The default schedule for Threat scans should be once daily -- that is sufficient for most folks.


I suggest monitoring your logs for a few days to see if all is well.

Let us know, either way.



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