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Some very recently installed app is inordinately draining the battery on my Samsung phone . . .  and I nominate Malwarebytes Mobile for Android as a most likely culprit.  If this is correct, it is probably because this MBAM app insists on running constantly, and doing various things on its own.  I don't see any Settings option to run the app (for Scans or later updates) Manually Only, and there should be.  That is to say, strictly on user demand, not automatically.  I got along fine for a long time without any AV for my phone, and would go back to that reluctantly, but I can also do without needless extra battery drain.  I'm a rather light phone user: NO streaming of anything, and infrequent internet access with the phone.

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Just go into the app's settings and disable (uncheck) the real-time protection option (see screen shot).

Note: doing so will reduce protection of your device; manual, on-demand scans will only be able to remove malware that has already made it onto the phone.


You don't mention what version of the Android OS you are running and what model of Samsung device, but Settings > Device > Battery will show you how much juice each app is using (and there are numerous 3rd-part apps that perform similar functions).  On my DROID Turbo under 4.4.4 (unrooted), it's not very much for MBAM-Mobile WITH real-time protection enabled, but YMMV.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks very much for your reply.  Galaxy S4 with the latest (general release) Android OS version update that is available for it.  I will look into what you wrote, and see if I can get a better handle on the battery usage related to MBAM.  It's just that every time I looked at the phone, it seemed to be running another auto-scan, even though I had set it for the max. interval, which I think was 6 hours.  That's a lot more activity than seemed necessary on such a lightly used phone, so I assumed it must be related to the apparent increased drain.  I'm much more of a computer person than a phone person, which I know runs counter to the trend these days.  This is my first smartphone -- have had it just around a year now.  That should be too soon for the battery to be deteriorating, no ?

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There is a setting for when and how often to scan. :)


As far as specifics for your phone, I really wouldn't know.  Sorry about that. :(


This is a "Comments and Suggestions" forum.  It's not really set up for support, per se.


If you need support for MBAM-Mobile, then I suggest that you might wish to follow the advice in this pinned topic HERE and then open a support ticket here?

The Help Desk folks will assist you with your issue.


Or, if you need other support for other performance issues unrelated to MBAM-Mobile, then you might try posting at a more general computer forum, such as the Android section of bleepingcomputer.com, or perhaps a user forum for Samsung???




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