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A Curious Story


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What should I make of a tech firm that replaces new applications with older ones? Perhaps the tech assumed I was busy outside than busy at my desk but I watched him struggle to install a piece of Norton software. I had downloaded Windows 10 but lost the Norton app. For some reason he removed the Premium version of Malwarebytes and replaced it with the Pro edition once he had installed the Norton edition. Later that evening I checked the apps and learned both were old versions of the up to date app. What was the purpose? Were they planning to charge me for an upgrade at a later date. How could they obtain older versions of these apps? Can these techs remove personal data and keys from the apps on a computer? Then download the app onto another computer of another customer who they charge the full price? Are these legitimate concerns when dealing with tech support firms? 

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Hello and :welcome: :


I am just a home user.


So I'll defer to our forum staff and more expert members to answer your specific questions about what scrupulous and unscrupulous computer "techs" can and cannot, should and should not do...


But, regarding the version of MBAM and such, it sounds from your description that you refer to a work computer that is used in a place of business???


If so, then the current version of MBAM for use in that environment is 1.75 Pro: MBAM for Business

More info here: How can I legally use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in my Business or Corporate environment (including Government, Education, & Non-Profit)?


Version (both Free and Premium) is the current Consumer version for use only on personal computers by home users


I hope this helps a bit.


Thank you,

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I do use the Premium version these days. I upgraded this year. I also came to realize that with all my demands and security concerns I needed a new PC and picked one up with a strong CPU, plenty of memory and storage. Both security programs, Norton and Malwarebytes, have worked very well together with Windows 7. Malwarebytes was even compatible with Windows 10. It survived the downloading of the new operating system into the PC on Friday while the other program disappeared. I later learned that Microsoft had included Defender with Windows 10 while Norton customers were obliged to wait for an upgrade of their app on Sunday that could be used with 10. A lot of software firms had problems with the new operating system. I was really surprised. Another management took pride in the compatibility of Windows and how backward looking it was. Guess those days are gone.

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