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Cannot upgrade to newest version of malwarebytes

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Hello Malwarebytes Forum,


We are having with upgrading your product from version 2.16.1022 to latest 2.18.1057 (etc.).  Please note that we ran full scans thoroughly and have not discovered anything active or threat based (other than a few cookies which were removed), and are somewhat concerned about what could be preventing the normal upgrade or replacement.  Even did full uninstall with removing traces of it, and any other security files too, then tried to reinstall it directly to latest version, but got same result: Error & program crash. 

END RESULT is same: Red X pop-up error message.


Note that it is on an older but very reliable PC system that has XP Pro SP3 & 2GB Ram, and works well with older version of your software.   The issues are in the upgrade and wonder if some configuration has changed or blocking the process.   We hope for a fix without having to do a full backup, wipe, and then reinstall everything.


Any insight or help is very appreciated.  Thank you in advance.




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Hello and welcome:


There is a "hotfix" for a specific error when installing on some older, single core processor XP systems HERE.

But it would help to start with a bit of basic info first.


First: what is the exact error message or code (a screen shot would be helpful, if you can please post that).


Next: please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)



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Appears to be RESOLVED.  After 3rd attempt today (with familiar two error pop-ups), we applied said hotfix ONLY after confirmation of removal of internal firewall & all other services & programs turned off --except mbam.exe.   It accepted hotfix & then finally updated to today's August16 databases with latest 2.18 version.   Ran THreat scan fully and nothing found.   Just rechecked thru to v2015.08.16.03.  Good.

THANK YOU.   Cheers!

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Hello Malwarebytes!,


Is there a new hotfix for latest version 2.2.0?


We are finding same error in this new version as above in version 2.1.8.  Please advise and as always, thank you!




EDIT: See @bdubrow's reply below this one with the correct information.


I was not aware that such a hotfix would be needed for, as the issue was fixed with


We may need to collect some diagnostic logs from you.


In the meantime, I will ask a Malwarebytes staff member to check in here.


Can you tell us, did you attempt to upgrade on top of or via a "clean" upgrade?



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To clarify, this issue will still be present in MBAM  


You can run the same hotfix as before which will fix the issue. Simply follow the instructions in this post.


The MBAM System Requirements were clarified with this release to specify that in order to run MBAM you'll need a processor with SSE2 support.


At some point in the future the hotfix may no longer work and you may not be able to run MBAM if you've still got one of those older processors.  But for now you can continue to use MBAM by running that earlier hotfix.

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Thank you for your comments.  Agree I uninstalled older version(s) fully after realizing same issue as before.  Being similar, we did same actions, fresh install without anything else running, did not run it (otherwise see same error X issue), then added prior hotfix that was used for 2.18 etc, and then we opened it to update to 2015.10.13. 07 for 


Appears to now be a success.  Will advise if anything adverse occurs.  But for now it looks fixed.


Thank you again to all involved.  Malewarebytes is the best!



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