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Activation not working and license not working

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This is bulls^%t!!! I am tired of waiting for resolution to this screwed up problem from this clip joint company!!! My premium license was renewed back in July and now it has been revoked. My ID and key will not work and when I reported it to customer (un)support they promised to get back to me with a complaint ticket. Guess what??!! No reply! No ticket! No support!

Now I want my money back but given the level of support I've received already, I'd have more luck asking the wall in front of me and expecting an answer!!

I guess I am just going to have to eat the cost of this mistake but I will have some satisfaction reporting this company to PayPal, The Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx) and the Better Business Bureau!

How ironic that what this company produces is supposed to protect computers from malware but then it turns around and treats its own customers like they were malware!


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I apologize for my outburst. The problem with my license revocation has been corrected to my satisfaction. I have reloaded Malwarebytes Premium and the program works once again with my key and ID.

I guess we'll wipe the slate clean and try again. I can only hope another unfortunate event such as this does not happen again next year when it is time to renew!

Dave Williams

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