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Hangup in update of

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Recently I received an automatic notification of an update available for Malwarebytes.  When I opened the program the message said "your databases are out of date" and selected I selected  "fix now".   The process started and reached about 98% of the "thermometer" and stopped.  I have "green" dots in License, scan progress and real time protection and a "yellow" dot in "Database Version".  What should I do?


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Hello and :welcome: :


This actually the sub-forum devoted to a different Malwarebytes product installed on Business computers.

The current version of that program is 1.75.


Since your post mentions version, I assume you are talking about the Consumer version on a home computer???


First, please be sure that your computer's time and date are correct.


Then, if rebooting the computer does not fix the problem, please start here:

Please let us know how it goes.



P.S. The forum staff will likely move this thread to the MBAM Help section where it belongs. No worries, though. ;)

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Posted on behalf of @Blazerdog (was sent to moderators instead)...



It worked as advertized! I downloaded "clean" and ran the program. At the completion, I couldn't find the link (embedded in your initial e-mail so just went on-line and they offered me an opportunity to supply my key/ID which I did and reinstalled Malwarebytes (Premium). The only suggestion is that if the "key" code contains an "O" or a "zero", they should find a way to specifically use a symbol for a zero. I was rejected the first time I entered my "Key"because I guessed on whether it was a letter or a number and was...wrong. I changed it to a zero and was rewarded with a new Malwaresbytes. Thanks for your help!


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