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Sony tells VAIO owners not to upgrade to Windows 10


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{ From a personal basis only }, so far I have had a few dramas with Toshiba laptops and desktops that have not acted nicely to Win X


One is still stuck between Windows 8.1 and Win X, I even created a fresh ISO to install, from a similar Windows 8.1, but it is locked Limbo Land.

All updates were done , and the Windows Icon was in the tray waiting to be used ..........


When I use the Genuine M/$oft Windows 8 DVD, it would not go back, and with the carefully followed new ISO it would not go forwards ?? Just a few of the problems so far.


It is in a workshop and they are scratching their heads on how to get any properties / files back from it - A long job for us on the weekend.....


DO Not believe all that M/$oft and their agents saying about it. There are many failures that I have been called to, but "most" I can fix .. They have lost me for a while ....


{ Only personal observations, but anybody can try if they think they can fix them. } ............

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Thanks for the info there pondus...


Just wanted to let you know, that I just finished upgrading a Sony Vaio laptop from Windows 7 Ultimate (not all drivers were installed) to Windows 10 Pro. 


The update went well for the most part, ran updates after the install, and it fixed some of the drivers that were missing.  I then went to the Sony website and downloaded the drivers that were missing.  To find out what needed to be downloaded, I used the hardware ID of the device that was missing the driver and researched it and downloaded the driver from Sony Website.  I used for detected system as Windows 8 64bit and the drivers worked.

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