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[SOLVED] Firefox 40 Released - needs a reboot for MBAE active protection


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I just updated to Firefox 40, which was released today, and discovered that the MBAE protection was not activating ( logs & traybar notifications) when the browser was started. It was working fine earlier this morning with Firefox 39.


After a reboot (Windows 7) all is well.

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I just updated firefox too, but I have restarted firefox a few times and every time I get notified that firefox is protected.

Although this is a known issue, you could try to uninstall MBAE and install it again to see if that fixes this issue.

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  • Staff

Updated to FF 40 here and no reboot was necessary. Upon closing and opening it was immediately protected.


It could be that MBAE was still pending a reboot from its upgrade to 1.07.


I'll close this thread for now, but if you or somebody else runs across the problem again send me a PM and I'll re-open it.

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