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Activation Behind Proxy Server

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I see MWB can do updates through an authenticated proxy server, but for some reason activation does not work that way.  Is there any way within MWB where activation can occur through a proxy server?  My machine is not infected.  I'm really curious how someone that could have an infected machine would get the trial of this software kicked off when it too also fails when a proxy is in use.

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We'll need to wait for a Malwarebytes staff member or forum expert to specifically answer your question.


However, for the specific scenario you described, it wouldn't be entirely necessary for the user to activate a Premium license in order to scan and clean the system.

MBAM Free and MBAM Premium use the same scanning engines, databases and technology.

So, as long as the user could update the databases of MBAM Free from behind the proxy server, the user could still run a manual scan and remove malware.


I realize that doesn't directly answer your question.

Please wait for someone more expert to respond.



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I realize that an active license isn't required for manual scanning.  I'm really just trying to activate my license to make use of active protection to make use of safer web surfing for the most part.  The difficulty is the proxy server is in the way and MWB doesn't seem to make use of the settings provided for the update process during the activation process.  Still interested in a solution for this.

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