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Cannot login on Malwarebytes Consumer Support Portal

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Hello, I have been trying and trying for 7 times now to login to my account on the Malwarebytes website and the only thing that I keep getting is the system asking me to provide my email to them to "complete twitter rejgistration" but it says it will only ask for my email 1 time but every time I try to verify my email, it keeps asking me to do it agian and again and again. I would like to at some point be able to get some support after I spent money on this product but so far I cannot. Any ideas on what is going on? I have provided a quote of the email I get every time I enter my email.

Thank you for registering the email address, (Email Removed)

In order to view and update your customer service cases related to this email address, you will need to verify that it belongs to you.

Please verify this email by clicking here.




Thanks and I hope someone can help me.

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Hello and :welcome: :


We'll need to wait for a Malwarebytes staff member to assist you with the issue logging in to the Consumer Support Portal.

  • I think you need to CREATE an account there first (separate from your forum account)
  • After the account has been created, you ought to be able to log in.


But, in the interim, perhaps we can assist you with whatever issue brought you there.


What problem are you having with MBAM?


Have you already created a ticket at the Help Desk via email HERE?



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