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If I buy premium malwarebytes, can I use it in 3 pcs at the same time?

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A bit more information about that here:


How many computers may I install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on?


It's a bit confusing, because of the "old" lifetime licenses for version 1.x (which were for 1 PC at a time and which were converted to 1-PC licenses for version 2.x).  And there were a few 1-PC licenses for version 2.x sold after March 2014.


But @Pondus is correct:

A new MBAM Premium license purchased these days, from the Malwarebytes store or from a trusted partner online, would be one license for use on up to 3 PCs in the same household at one time.  IOW, it will not be 3 separate licenses.

And it will be a subscription license that will need to be renewed yearly.

(Having said all that, there are possibly a few, remaining 1-PC lifetime licenses available from a few sources online.  I would be VERY careful before purchasing any sort of MBAM "lifetime" license you might see advertised these days, as it may NOT be legit or legal.)


If you decide to buy online from a site other than the Malwarebytes store -- such as Newegg or Amazon -- please be sure to retain all of the transaction paperwork for future reference.

And please do NOT buy from eBay, as explained here.


Bottom line:

Consumer, subscription MBAM Premium license -- up to 3 PCs in the same household at one time.

Consumer, lifetime MBAM Premium license (if still available from a legitimate vendor) -- only 1 PC at a time.



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