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F8 Boot loop

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More info I inadvertently posted in error elsewhere:

Dell GX270 Optiplex 3gb Ram running Windows XP Pro preinstalled, so I have no CD.


Hello: I am a long time user of MBAM, and am returning to the Experts for HELP !

Although I used AVAST Internet Security as well as MBAM Premium (I guess it is called now) I seem to have picked up malware/virus. I have a Windows repair tool from Tweaking.com I want to run, and it sets the safe boot switch to run in safe mode. When the system restarts, it says "safe Mode" at bottom of screen, and one can see the drivers being loaded, then a short pause occurs, then the DELL flash screen pops up, and the boot into safe mode starts all over again, and again etc.  The same happens if one presses the F8 key to manually enter Safe mode. And, the boot.ini is not set for safeboot; it is set for fast detect, without safeboot.


What I have Done


I was working with "Stefan" previously to try to resolve, but to no avail.

I have reloaded and run MBAM scans - No Threats found.

Chameleon - No threats found. But after running I was unable to get back to the folder where Chameleon was located, or I just couldn't find it again !

Ran Dr Web Cureit - Nothing found

Ran Rogue Killer - Removed PUP, PUM registry entries.

Burned and ran Kapersky Rescue Disk 10 yesterday - No threats found.

Saved a doc to desktop, but even with refresh of desktop, it does not appear; but resave the

same doc name, and it appears on the save screen  and asks to overwrite it.


I run with task mgr active and although system idle shows like 95% the system get unresponsive for a while. Sometimes task mgr shows 00 for all processes, but can't do anything.

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Please stick to just ONE topic - Pressing F8 for safe mode (Windows XP Pro) causes boot loop

There is/was no reason to start a new topic. 

TwinHeadedEagle  is trying to help you.  Please do not make it difficult for this "volunteer" to render assistance to you.

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