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Hi, I'm a new member


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I installed  Malwarebytes free trial, & it removed some malware I have had for a year, so I was impressed, as I had not been able to remove it, I was using Webroot, but no more.It was so good to see it gone, I couldn't believe it .


Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.....or whatever day it is where you are!

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Hello and welcome:
We're glad you are pleased with MBAM. :)

A couple of minor things, just for clarification:
First, Webroot is an anti-virus (AV). Malwarebytes is an anti-malware, not an anti-virus. MBAM is designed to run alongside a robust, real-time anti-virus to provide complementary, layered protection against zero-hour and zero-day threats that are not covered by your AV.  So, you still need an AV, even if you have MBAM Premium.
Second, as you know, the Trial will expire in 14 days. If the program is not "activated" with a license ID/Key before then, it will revert back to a manual, on-demand scanner as the Free version.  The Free version can only REMOVE threats that have already made it past your AV onto the computer.  The Premium version helps to PREVENT infection in the first place, by providing real-time protection.
As you had been scammed with your first attempt to purchase a license for MBAM Premium, we strongly suggest that -- to be safe -- you purchase your license directly from the Malwarebytes online store HERE
The subscription license will require annual renewal, but it may be activated on up to 3 PCs in the same household at one time.

More info about v2.1.8 HERE
Version 2.1.8 Release History HERE
User Guide ONLINE
User Guide PDF
FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions


Enjoy your stay!




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Yes, I know what Malwarebytes is, that's why I installed it, & it got rid of the malware.I will buy the premium before the trial is over.And you can bet I will buy it from the site & use the  link you gave me I only have one computer..By the way, PayPal refunded my $.That was the first time I ever got scammed, & I hope tha last! 7allyourhelp


My computer guy put a Webroot malware program on my conmputer,at least he said it was..... I have a different AV, , but anyway I got rid of it, I have a good AV.already.


Thanks for the welcome,& all your help.!

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Yes, I know what Malwarebytes is,that's why I installed it , & the trial already removed the malware I had. I will buy the premium before my trial runs out,& I will  use the link you gave me I had Malwarebytes about 5 years ago, but didn't put it on my new computer, I will definitely keep it this time, I only used a trial before. I called PayPal , they refunded my $ , they don't know what happened , so they said.


My computer guy said I needed webroot with the AV I have....to prevent spam, anyway, I removed it.I have a good AV.


Thank you for the welcome, & all your help .Your dog is a cutie.

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