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Explorer context menu icon and location could use some love.

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Ok, this issue is not so much a functional problem and more of a annoyance of mine.


I have 2 issues with the way the Malwarebytes context menu entry works and hopefully this could be fixed in a later version.



Issue 1: The way the icon look in the context menu, it is a tiny Malwarebytes icon with a non-transparent background so when you hover on the option you'll see the white in the highlight and the smaller than normal icon.




If you look on this picture you'll see the Malwarebytes icon being smaller than the other in the context menu and that missing size is made up by a white background.


Issue 2: The context menu entry is not in the same location as other program when you rightclick on a file compared to a folder.


1: kGEKL3k.png

2: b8E8Gwb.png


If you look at picture 1 you'll see the order of the options in the context menu then look at picture 2 and you'll notice the Malwarebytes option is not below the other options like in the first picture.

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Hi LeVvE--


Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback here...I appreciate it!


I agree we could certainly improve the context menu icon handling, so I've made a note of this.  Hopefully we'll get this spruced up in a future release.   :)

Thanks, I know it's not super important for the functionality but it's one of those things that would make me feel better if it was fixed.

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