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A little confused about my version of MBAM

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Bought it way back in 2012 from Newegg. From my invoice it seems I might have ordered a CD or DVD, since I got a shipping confirmation and tracking number as well as an invoice. Is that possible? If I had to guess, I'd have guessed that it was a download and that I would have received the key via email. A halfhearted search through my inventory of old CDs and DVDs didn't turn up a MBAM install disk.




It's been running fine, but recently in conversation with a friend, I realized my version never updated.


Here is a screenshot of my "About" tab in MBAM:




Now my question is this.


Clearly this isn't the most current version of MBAM, but it is still being updated. That's all good. I'm wondering if the "lifetime" refers to lifetime updates or if I am entitled to update to a newer version.


If so, will my license key be preserved or will I have to somehow find it to input during the upgrade process?


My apologies, I realize this comes across as clueless and that I got a great deal way back when, but still... :)

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Hello and Welcome back... indeed you are on quite an old version. The only thing I can guess is that you had check for program updates disable on your Malwarebytes.

Your lifetime license entitles you to upgrade to the latest version. All you have to do is download the latest version and install it. I would probably perform a clean reinstall as mentioned in my instructions below, but you will need your ID and KEY. Being that you have this version installed, we can grab the ID and KEY from the registry using this tool below.

You can use the following program to save a text file copy of it on your desktop (this is a program written by AdvancedSetup which is an admin on this forum). You should have an email from Newegg as well with this information, but you may have misplaced it. You should then copy this file off of your desktop to a more appropriate location such as your Documents folder.


Now that you have your ID and KEY ---- Let's try this to get a clean upgrade....

Thank You,


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Ugh, ran into my first spot of trouble. I'm unsure which version of MBAM to download. 


If I go to this page: https://www.malwarebytes.org/products/


I see MBAM Free and Premium. I'd guess it's the Premium version?  My license on the old version was for the "pro" version. 


However, there are only links for download on the Free version. That brings to mind that there used to be a special method for paid users to download or upgrade. Something I don't exactly recall. 

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