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Is it possible to start Anti Exploit minimized?


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Maybe sounds like a silly question, but since I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 every time I power on machine, AE pops up on the desktop screen (I'm not sure about restarts)


This happens only in Win10 and all of the sudden. First few days it worked "normal".


I haven't changed or install any new hardware/software that may could cause this.


Is there any registry tweak available to ensure that AE starts minimized?



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  • Staff

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting KyleT.


MBAE is designed to run minimized all the time, including after a restart.


Please download autoruns and click on File -> Run as Administrator.

Then click on File -> Save... and save the file to your Desktop. Then attach it here using the "More Reply Options" button below to the right.

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  • Staff

Thanks for the file KyleT. Unfortunately it is empty.


Let's try the following to see if we can get you up and running first before asking for more logs:


1- Close all running applications like browsers, etc.

2- Uninstall MBAE from Control Panel

3- Reboot

4- Download and re-install MBAE from https://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbae


If the above 4 steps work, then case closed.


If you continue having problems after that, please check the "readme first" link in my signature and attach your MBAE log files.

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Unfortunately the problem persist....


I don't know does this help, but I run Avast Free with Comodo Firewall and Malware Fighter as primary defenders and free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to check system from time to time. 


I'm using this combination for years - never had any problems. I downloaded MBAE first time maybe a month ago (never heard for it before) and I can say it fantastic.


Just not sure what is causing this - I presume some glitch in new OS because I'm pretty sure that I'm running malware free PC atm :) 



Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.7z

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  • Staff

My first thought is that in addition to the Run key there is some other shortcut trying to run the mbae.exe process which is the GUI. The first time mbae.exe is executed it defaults to start minimized to the system tray. The second time it is executed, the UI is shown on the Desktop.


However the autoruns file was empty so I can't really tell if there is in fact a second startup of mbae.exe being done in your system.


If you can check this yourself again with autoruns it would help. Otherwise let me know and if you want we can do a remote support session to try to figure out what the problem is.

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You gave me an idea when you said that MBAE pops up after its process is run two times in the row.


It crossed my mind that I have 2 programs in my computer that can change system startup - Advanced System Care and CCleaner, and that one actually runs them for the second time without checking first are they are running.


So I run Registry Deep Clean and then checked startup list in both programs.


After I had disabled CCleaner monitor process in both programs, plus in msconfig, it runs all smooth and normal for now :)

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