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Installer with unticked trial - premium anyway...

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It's not clear what might be going on with your two XP systems.
>>If you ended up with the Trial version by mistake (the ribbon at the very top of the GUI would say, "Trial") and you wish to revert back to the Free version, any of these options will do so:

  1. Allow the trial to expire in 14 days & then click the "End Trial" button in the "Trial Expired" popup;
  2. Click the "End Free Trial" link in the GUI (sorry, screenie is from a previous version, but concept is the same);
  3. Click the "End Trial" popup notification at any time from the "Trial Expiring" popup;
  4. Perform a clean reinstall, using the method described here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x - be sure to "opt out" (remove the check mark from) the Free trial, IF it is offered again during the installation wizard.

>>If you somehow ended up with Premium version by mistake (the ribbon at the very top of the GUI would say, "Premium"), and you or someone else did not ever pay for a license, then I'm not sure how to explain that.  If you wish to revert to the Free version, this should work:

  1. Click the "My Account" GUI link > click "Deactivate". This will revert the program to the Free, manual, on-demand version.

Having said that, it's not clear HOW you might have ended up with the paid, Premium version on multiple systems without having ever bought a license. :unsure:

The best way to sort this out would be to contact Support by logging a ticket HERE.


Thanks for your understanding,

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