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License key no longer working

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I've already opened a support ticket on 1st August regarding my lifetime license key not being accepted after downgrading from Windows 10. MBAM returns "Error code 403 The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed" when trying to activate with my old key. I understand that I'm not the only one being affected by license key issues recently, and that the support desk is being overwhelmed with cases due to the 2.1.8 update. However, it seems that others who have opened a thread here to "rant" have already been attended to while my case on the other hand still has not been assigned an agent, 5 days after approaching support. Being one of the early supporters, my impression of Malwarebytes has been positive thus far, considering that it has even granted amnesty to pirates and abused users. Nevertheless, I don't think legit paying customers like me should be inconvenienced or even punished, when the company is evolving to a new licensing platform, in contrast to pirates being given free keys. As stated before, I'm not sure if I'm being impatient or demanding; but personally I believe, being a paying customer who bought directly from Malwarebytes/Cleverbridge, 5 days with no response is really unacceptable with today's global standards. Thereby, I hope my license issue, and surely many others with similar problems, be resolved with prudent haste.


Thank you.

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Hello and welcome:


Until a forum staff member has a chance to respond....


Sorry you are having problems with license validation.


Unfortunately, the only folks who can help with that particular error code are the Support folks at the help desk.

We here at the forum do not have access to the necessary information to resolve such an error.


Please be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders, to verify that the emails from the Support team did not land there by mistake.


In the interim, you can perform a CLEAN REINSTALL of MBAM -- the setup wizard will offer a 14-day Trial with the full, premium features, while you sort out the licensing issues.

(There is a 1 Trial per PC per MBAM program version policy.)


Thanks for your patience and understanding,

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I won't make any excuses but I know they are busy enough with this type of ticket to have temps onboard and working overtime.  There are a ton of tickets, and they are working them as fast as they can.  There are a number of different issues, and the ones that bog response down the worst is when malware present on a customer's computer interferes with the process.  That is sometimes the case.  I know that is of little consolation to you, but they can't push that type aside when they do encounter them.  We have support people in several locations working these cases, so I hope that your ticket is near the top of the queue at this point.


Please do NOT open a new ticket, as that may cause tickets to be merged and put you lower in the queue.

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Hello and welcome back:


It's not strictly necessary to deactivate one's license before reformatting.

However, it's not a bad idea to do so.

The key concept is that the license be activated at one time on ONLY the number of systems for which it is allowed.


If this post refers to the same computer as the one mentioned in your other post HERE, then it would be best that you continue to work with the Support staff.

They are the only ones who can sort out licensing issues -- alas, we do not have access to the necessary information to be able to do so here in the forum.


Thank you,

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