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Does MBAE protect against rowhammer?


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I'd like to clarify that I mean rowhammer.js, I understand that rowhammer could be used by essentially any application run on the system and MBAE may not protect all these applications, which is why I'm wondering specifically about rowhammer.js in a browser like Chrome.


Also, I don't know how to edit my first post and don't see any obvious way to do so, which is why this is a new post instead of an edit.

Sanya IV Litvyak

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Hi Sanya, where can you access the rowhammer.js file?




I believe this is the PoC file: https://github.com/IAIK/rowhammerjsI tried my best getting it to run with my limited knowledge of how those things work but from what I can tell I can't even get it to properly click the buttons on my system, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. :P


Also kinda off-topic, is there even an edit button for posts in the forum? I can't for the life of me find one..

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I see, thanks for the link. This is outside the scope of MBAE.


As for edits, I believe you need at least 50 posts to be able to edit (someone please correct me on that number).


Ah thanks for checking, I thought that maybe the exploits that tried to abuse rowhammer would have some kind of pattern to it or something that would easily be detected and could be blocked, but of course I'm not an expert in the area and while it's perhaps not good that it's outside the scope of MBAE, it is still good knowing that it is so one doesn't assume false sense of protection for that specific thing. Thanks again for checking. :)


Regarding edits, 50 post unlock for edits kinda seem weird to me, I'm sure there's a reason but to me it seems like it would boost the number of post-after-post situations like that in the beginning of this thread. Oh well, not THAT big of an issue of course, just seems a bit weird to me is all, but again I'm sure there's a reason. :)

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