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Take your mind off Win10; See a hacked rifle track you by phone

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It was only a matter of time before someone would figure out how to hack TrackingPoint's Wi-Fi-connected smart rifle.




TrackingPoint makes an expensive smart rifle that easily lets novices hit targets a half mile away. It lets you digitally "tag" a target, then locks the trigger until the gun is perfectly positioned to nail it. And it connects to smartphones or tablets so a buddy can view what the shooter sees in the scope.


Now, two security researchers have discovered software flaws in the computerized rifle. Anyone near enough for a Wi-Fi connection to a rifle can remotely tinker with controls.


In the worst case, a hacker could force a police sniper to miss while shooting directly at a hostage-taking criminal -- and hit the hostage instead. Or a hacker could simply lock the rifle's controls, rendering it useless.(More)


Read the rest and see the video at: http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/29/technology/hack-smart-rifle



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I'd better batten down the hatches!

Heading out for duct tape and Saran Wrap now.



They now make bullets that can penetrate duct tape as well as Saran Wrap, even if used together.. :P :P :D



I've seen that particular rifle setup in several action movies.. It's sweet.. And if you have enough enemies, well worth the $27,000.


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Well I was going to buy one till I saw the price... $27,000....

Gee Firefox, I am glad we have decent gun laws in Australia these days. You would need to be in the Armed Forces to get these.


Unless you belong to a registered "Gun Club" or a registered rural (farmer) person then you would never see one of these. Then only with special permits ! !


That is the cost of a small car over here, and I could never see any reason to buy these guns.


(Just my personal opinion as usual)

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