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Microsoft's Windows install rate ....


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The more we move forward in Microsoft land the more I'm starting to think I may switch back to Linux as a main computer and just run a VM of Windows 7, 8, 10 for testing and support only. Issue is that my main app now days (Adobe CS) does not run on Linux and the alternatives are a long ways off compared to the Adobe products sadly. But VMware is pretty darn good now days. Might have to test out Adobe on a VM and see if it works or not.

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I am kind of glad the updates failed; you should be able to CHOOSE whether or not you want to upgrade, not have it forced, like these W7 ---> W10 updates seem to be doing.  Why are they trying to force it anyway?  Ugh.  Not ok.  Not everyone wants to "upgrade".

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For Windows 10 to infect users, the OS would need to be a malware in the first place, which it's not.

I realize that, which is why i said "lol".

However, it is a terrible operating system and does basically behave like a giant ring 0 rootkit designed to spy on its users.

Its also a downgrade from 7 or 8 not an upgrade, since most of its features are perfect for criminals to use to steal users data.

We all know that Windows is totally secure too. Adding features like wifi sense and all the other things that transmit private data will never need patches to fix security vulnerabilities.

Well at least we wont know since they no longer even tell you what most updates do.

Yeah, call it whatever you like but it meets my criteria for "garbage" and "spyware".

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