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Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts

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Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts


Brian Krebs | 29 July 2015


Starting today, Microsoft is offering most Windows 7 and Windows 8 users a free
upgrade to the software giant's latest operating system -- Windows 10. But
there's a very important security caveat that users should know about before
transitioning to the new OS: Unless you opt out, Windows 10 will by default
share your Wi-Fi network password with any contacts
you may have listed in
Outlook and Skype -- and, with an opt-in, your Facebook friends! (More)


Read the complete article at: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/07/windows-10-shares-your-wi-fi-with-contacts/




Edited to repair link

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Ed Bott says it's FUD.



<snip> Yes, the option to allow sharing is enabled by default. Here's what it looks like in Windows 10's Settings.



But did you notice the part where it says "For networks I select..."? That's the key detail that Krebs and everyone who rewrote his post under their own by-line missed.<snip>


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  • Root Admin

Yes, pretty much blown out of proportion. Just because you have an IP on someone's network you still have more work to do to get anything of value.

Though there are certainly misconfigured systems out there that sooner or later will probably be compromised

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It's the first thing I disabled after upgrading my laptop to Windows 10. No one's getting free WiFi at my place :P

Ditto No leechers aloud!!! :D  :lol:

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I still haven't looked at it in depth, but what bothers me isn't letting visiting friends/family access my Wi-Fi, it's the taking away my control over it. Why ? With kids in the house, I use MAC based parental control on the router, setting time periods for Internet access per device. With this new thing in W10, any *contact* would get Internet at any time, with any device. I am against that, big time.

But hey maybe I got it wrong... Anyway, I disabled it while installing W10 via personalized setup.

I agree with Ron though, this is an open door ready to be [possibly] exploited/abused.

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