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[SOLVED] Browsers not opening with MBAE & Kaskpersky 16 (Firefox XPCOM)

Stevie D

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I just installed the update for Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 and I also have MBAE Free installed. I added exclusions in KIS 2016 for the entire MBAE program files folder and also listed all its services as trusted applications. For some reason, even after doing that it will not open any web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). If I stop MBAE's protection, I am able to open all browsers. This is replicable on two computers that I have KIS 2016. 


I don't know if this is an issue with KIS 2016 or with MBAE but I thought I'd let you know.

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Well there is some talk that a compatibility issue may exist.

I recently attempted install of KTS v. 8243 on both my W8.1 OS's and both run latest MBAE premium.

No Browsers would open/respond so I uninstalled KTS v.16 and submitted a Kasp. support ticket.'

There is mention of conflicts and MBAE on Kasp forum.

So just throwing this out as I wait to see what support logs provide the techs at Kasp

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Merged with current existing thread.


Please do post in the Kaspersky forum asking for an exclude of MBAE in their product.

Hi Pedro

I imagine you have contacted the folks at Kaspersky Lab as the developer of MBAE?

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Once we replicate I will. But hearing it from their users (not only a potential competitor) will greatly help expedite things.

Ah, of course. Sometimes I forget the competitor part and only think Cooperative Over all Security

For me I'm just trying to get all my ducks in an order "Anti Virus Security" wise so I have compatible software to go ahead and Install Windows 10; which I have waiting on deck to install :)

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I had no problem installing and using this application but not so on second Windows 7 system. When I try to enter the activation information it hangs for quite a while and reports the activation key is wrong. If I  run while not activated I get error "can't load XPCOM" if I try to  use Firefox or Internet Explorer. If I stop the application everything seems fine. I have set logging but I can't open any file to see what it says.


 Can I get some  help with this matter?



Allen Mandrake

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Are you running the Kaspersky Beta 2016 by any chance? There is a known conflict with Kaspersky Beta which causes this "can't load XPCOM" message under Firefox.

Issues? What are they?


 I am running Kaspersky 2015 on all my systems. I tried stopping their firewall and other settings but that did no good. I also tried IE but I am unable to access anything online. If there are issues that can't be solved it seems I have no other choice but to remove Malwarebytes and ask for a refund. I just don't have the time to spend on issues that should have been resolved before selling this application.


 This application works fine on one system but not the other using the same version of Kaspersky.

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Yes that's correct. That's the experience I reported also in Post#14

That is also the case with KTS 2016 public release I had installed previously and reported.

Next to NO discussion noticeable on K forum

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I ran into this problem yesterday.  This is a new Windows 8.1 system and once I installed KIS 2016, none of the installed browsers would open.  When I removed KIS 2016, they all worked fine.  Both MBAM and MBAE are installed and they run fine. 


I looked at the KIS 2016 trusted application list and both MBAM and MBAE are listed as trusted applications.  So, I'm not sure why the KIS 2016 and MBAE issue still exists.



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