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Does Iolo System Mechanic have potentially unwanted behavior?

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I recently purchased and installed Iolo System Mechanic based on the recommendation of PC Magazine. It seems to reach pretty deeply into the system. I've noticed some speed up, mostly moderate, although some programs launch MUCH faster. What annoyed me immediately was the pop-up ads. Iolo is already trying to sell me on more of their software. Pop-up ads from software I PAID for?


Then I did some research (should have done this BEFORE puchasing) and saw that many people are unhappy with Iolo's customer service, their attempts to sell you on unnecessary software (even sometimes CALLING you and offering to take over your computer to install software, a very dangerous thing to allow). Also there were descriptions of how hard System Mechanic is to uninstall.


So now I'm concerned that it exhibits possible malicious behavior. I wanted to check with this forum. If it was a bad idea to install it, I will probably need help to get rid of it.


But I do like the speed up, and I thought PC Magazine could be trusted with their reviews.




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