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Antimalware release 2.1.8 sys driver crashes in windows 8

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Antimalware release 2.1.8 sys driver crashes in windows 8, and causes blue screen on death with error code SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (tcpip). The mini dumpfile created by windows on crash identifies the sys driver of Antimalware as source of crash.

I assume the solution is that Antimalwarebytes needs to update its driver. Or is there antother solution?

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Hello and :welcome: :


Version 2.1.8 has been released for several weeks without reports of BSOD on undamaged, uninfected systems.

In addition to driver issues, BSOD can also be caused by hardware problems or even malware (e.g. rootkits).


So, for starters, let's please start first with the basic 3 Diagnostic Logs -- please attach them to your next reply here in this thread.


Depending on what the logs show, the forum staff and experts may request additional information (e.g. the minidumps or full dumps and other data).


And they may likely refer you (or move this post) for deeper work, either in the special BSOD forum section or in the Malware Removal section.


Thank you,

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There were only 2 diagnistic logs in the link you supplies, not 3. The files are attached. The FRST was run today. The mbam-check tool was run yesterday.


I have been experiencing the blue screen problem for a few weeks now. I didn't know it may have been connected to Antimalwarebytes before yesterday, when I found a dumpfile Reader that mentioned the sys driver of Antimalware. That's why I haven't posted the problem in this forum earlier.


Thank you for all the help I can get.





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There were only 2 diagnistic logs in the link you supplies, not 3. The files are attached.


2 tools (FRST and mbam-check) to produce 3 logs (FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt). :)

And it looks as if all 3 logs were successfully posted. :)


There is quite a bit going on with the system, including lots of PUPs in quarantine, evidence of infection and possible damage therefrom.


We'll need to wait for a staff member to review the logs and to advise you on how best to proceed.

Deep work for malware removal or BSOD repair is not permitted in this section of the forum.

Normally, with infected systems, we would suggest starting with the advice here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

The next step would be to post these same logs in a new, separate topic in the malware removal forum section.

One of the malware experts will assist you there with scanning, cleanup and repair.

That's probably the best step at this time.


But let's wait to make sure the forum staff agree with that plan, rather than moving to the BSOD forum section.


Thanks for your patience,





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