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Win XP SP3 Error EC 0xc000001d - with logs - Won't Run

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In addition to Twin's suggestion, pending the release of a new version that is compatible with single-core processors...


If you do choose to roll back to version 2.1.6, you'll need the link to download the installer. ;)




And you probably ought to perform a clean reinstall, following the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x (using the 2.1.6 installer, rather than the 2.1.8 installer).


HOWEVER, this may not fix the problem for you.

Your logs show that your system probably lacks sufficient RAM to run MBAM or most other software very well:



==================== Memory info ===========================

Percentage of memory in use: 89%
Total physical RAM: 383.42 MB
Available physical RAM: 40.65 MB

Total Virtual: 922.27 MB
Available Virtual: 530.11 MB


Although "256 MB" is the minimum system requirement to run MBAM under XP, your available physical RAM may be inadequate.  You may want to look into adding RAM, if your mobo will support doing so and if investing in a more robust computer is not an option.




P.S. As an aside, your logs also show that you are running XP (an unsupported, insecure OS) with torrenting software and without active, realtime security applications.  Alas, that is a set-up for nearly certain infection. :(

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  • Root Admin

There is a new fix that has been released that should now correct this issue on older single CPU systems.


Please review the following.





Thank you

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