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Malwarebytes should have a color Indicator on the scan log were it pick up malware in the App Logs


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What im trying to suggest is that you have a huge list of scan logs but you don't know witch scan log last week or week before was the one that pick up a pups or Trojan. so you have to check each log. If you have a huge list its a pain in the butt to find the right scan log. i suggest maybe on the scan log history there should be like and highlight cover the scan log or a little circle color yellow and red as a category. 


for example if you see here this picture it says Type:Scan log, Date:7/17/2015, and location: C:/Programdata/Mawlarebytes-Anti-Malware/...


maybe highlight the whole scan log file with color like clear how it is now for nothing pick up, yellow for minimum pick up. and red for alot or serious pick up.


i noticed during a scan there was a color indicator next to the Detect Objects it was circle like a dot and it had 2 colors yellow for a little pick up and red when it found alot.


if you cant highlight it like a highlighter maybe then have a circle indicator as a category next to type and Date.


reason i suggesting this for example

i help and fix alot of my family, and friend computers. i tell them to get malwarebytes for the computer security. I set a custom scan on there computer once a day @ noon time usually all depend when they go on the computer. then i see them like 2 months later saying there having a little issue with there computer. i go to check the"History-Quarantine section" and i see like 30 or so pick up like PUP, maybe a Trojan or coupon ads, etc.


well i want to see the date on the pick up of these malware. so i go to the History-Application Logs to find the scan log, but there scan log is so huge the will have 60 scan logs total. it makes its so hard to find the right scan log with the pick up because theirs no color indicator or highlight on the scan log that pick up the malware. 


reason i look for the scan log file is because to match the date of the pick up with the "control panel -uninstall program" see witch program did they install on that date witch would help me to find the cause of the issue.



so i would do clear how it is now for nothing pick up, Yellow for a little pick up and red for alot or serious pick up on the "History scan log". 

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Not a bad idea!  I know that the product manager for this product reads the forums often, so she will notice it.

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