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MBAE detecting and blocking exploit code in Spotify

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As the title states, MBAE for Business is detecting and blocking exploit code in Spotify. I just installed MBAE on the test system so this is the first run of the program. I have the latest version of both MBAE and Spotify. I've had no issues with Spotify in the past and MBAM and Symantec Endpoint Protection have not found anything malicious on the system or with Spotify.


Would this be a false positive? I'd rather not make an exception for Spotify so it can be protected in the event of a real threat. Furthermore, Spotify is installed on many machines in the company so it could prove to be a likely vector for exploitation.


I've attached the alert log for the event. Note: I did remove the username information.


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Hi Impervator.


Can you please attach or PM me a ZIP with the full contents of the MBAE data directory? Instructions can be found in the readme first link in my signature.


Also which Profile did you use for the custom shield for Spotify? I'm using the ChromeBrowser profile (since Spotify is basically a Chrmomium-based browser) and it is working OK.

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Hi pbust,


I've sent you a PM with an archive of the mbae data directory. As for the profile, I had set it to use the 'mediaplayer' profile.


When looking through the profile list I only see a profile for 'browser' and not 'ChromeBrowser'... I assume that profile doesn't exist in the 1.05 version of MBAE (which is what I am currently running). I will upgrade to the newer 1.07 release of MBAE and recreate the custom shield with the profile you indicated. After which I will provide an update on the situation.

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