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Premium version not updating


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I have the premium version of anti-exploit version Like previous versions, it has not updated automatically to the latest version. I am still running with and wonder if you would tell me how best to upgrade to the latest version and if there is likley to be something going wrong to prevent automatic updates.


As far as I can tell, there is no way to "force" an automatic update, and for me automatic update has also not worked for the last 2 or three versions.


Unless I am being really stupid and missing something, would it please be possible to include a "check for updates" option in the program itself?


Otherwise, thoroughly happy with this program. I'm running it with CryptoPrevent and Norton Security with Backupo and so far anyway, this combination has worked flawlessly for me and no obvious issues. (I mention this just in case either of these programs might be stopping any automatic updates). 


Many thanks,



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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting Kit2010.


As long as the "enable auto-upgrades" option is checked under Settings (which is on by default) MBAE does check regularly for new versions.


However when we release a new version typically we do so first only for new downloads in order to verify that there are no major bugs before enabling the auto-upgrades. Currently version 1.07 is available for new downloads but we have not yet enabled the auto-upgrades as we are still hunting down one more bug.


If you wish to upgrade manually you can simply download and install version 1.07 from here.


Otherwise just wait a few days and the auto-upgrade will eventually make its way down to your PC.


PS: Moving this to the Questions sub-forum.

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