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Scans keep finding Stolen.Data & Malware.trace

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The file "userv1.18.0 - Trial versionlog" keeps getting found in my scans and manually deleting or quarantining it doesn't seem to stop it from reappearing in my Roaming folder. I have no idea if its a keylogger or whatever but deleting it just causes it to appear again after a few minutes.


On the other hand I found this "WindowsN.lnk" which was classified as Malware.trace. It hasn't reappeared since I deleted it manually a few hours ago.

Right before deleting I looked up its properties and I found out it was an autoscript, in its target box it redirected to "AppData\Roaming\Javaxii\iExplorer.exe". I have deleted that folder as well and it hasn't come back (yet?).


My anti-virus (F-Secure) is suspiciously malfunctioning and I noticed I haven't opened it up before or since the malware issue showed up.


There could be possibly more spyware in my laptop so how would I make sure?


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