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Add me to the list of folks with a webiste hosted by GoDaddy that is suddenly being blocked.


Beginning at 10:15 AM MDT my website, focusedandfree.com, suddenly became a malicious website according to my licensed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium v2.1.8.


I called GoDaddy when I noted a reply to an earlier post made here today saying that it was account of the Dierex banking trojan and that GoDaddy had been contacted. I called GoDaddy and the tech I talked to dig some digging and couldn't find anything.


I also sent an email to Malwarebytes Support but have yet to receive a reply (other than the automated one).


Was wondering if there was anything new regarding this situation. Has GodDaddy fessed up or is this a false positive issue that needs addressed?


Thanks for any info regaring this issue.Malicious Website Malwarebytes.txt

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No problem.


Just to clarify, the issue is not with your site, but with your sites IP/server (unlike a dedicated server, shared IPs rely on both the hosting company and all of the customers sharing the server, to keep such clean and secure, to prevent issues such as this (e.g. a vulnerability in one of the customers sites, can lead to the site being compromised, and depending on the severity of such and how the server is configured/secured, can even lead to multiple sites or the entire server being compromised)).

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