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False positive? DLL-Files Fixer


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We released a new version of our software last Thursday (07/09/2015) that now has an active detection from MBAM. New version includes a few minor bugfixes and the removal of one feature that saw very little usage and benefit to our paying customers. This is the first time our software has been detected by MBAM. 


Signature= "PUP.Riskware"

File + Log attached. 


Software has been distributed since 2011, main domain at http://dll-files.com, site online since -98. 

I read through the PUP criteria https://www.malwarebytes.org/pup/

Seemingly we do not cross any line on advertising, browser addons, bundling etc (we've never used bundling). 


Many users know that a PUP classification is not that serious, but what bothers me is that installation of the software is blocked automatically with MBAM default settings, not giving user chance to apply/deny blocking. Seems very invasive to me.


Would appreciate clarification, what the detection is based on, and what we can possibly do to again be compliant with your security demands. 


Thank you.



Bjorn Sundqvist

Market Manager DLL-files.com


MBAM DLL-Files Fixer log&file.zip

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We added this because of it Being a registry cleaner. This was recently added because of our current and Microsoft Stances on registry cleaners.



Registry Cleaners, Optimizers, Defragmenters.

Microsoft has officially stated that they do not support the use of registry cleaners as shown here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2563254 Many of these are installed as part of “bundlers” or “wrappers” and the end user is left with a program that performs a scan at startup and presents a report in an alarmist fashion, stating that a large number of errors are present in the registry. Our testing has shown that these programs will always find errors in the registry, even on a freshly installed operating system. As such this behaviour qualifies for a PUP classification.


The program has a column that says registry damage. Its quite alarmist.

Also just exiting the program you are remind of your system being in poor shape and should buy it.




You can also see here:




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Hi Rich, 


Thanks for the response. 

I have read the posting you guys did earlier but I assumed that the weight would be on bundling, as the post reflects I think, and it does say that you won't label any software as PUP just on the basis that it includes a reg cleaner. We don't do any bundling and we've never done any, we distribute from our own website and are careful to supply information up front exactly what the software does and what, for example, the Trial version opposed to the Premium version actually allows. 

So is your opinion that our software should be labeled as a PUP solely on the basis of that exit message being to strongly worded? Because we would obviously not see any problems softening these messages or make them more clear if you think they are not. I've just not heard a straight message before that this is your absolute opinion. 


Would appreciate clarification and we would be happy to make any changes to be compliant with your demands. 





Bjorn Sundqvist

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