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New Particle Discovered


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Thanks for the share Pondus

I won't hold my breath for any Earth shattering miracles from them finding this. Still not much data shown from their finding the 4th one. Though I'm sure they and many scientists are stoked over the find.

Crazy how much mankind has discovered in the past 100 years compared to the many thousands of previous years.

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To me it seems like evrytime they find a new particle and they start crunching numbers, the math say there must be one more

Some interesting stuff here also http://www.nasa.gov

Think about aming a rifle at a target, then shoot and hit the target 9 years later .... some smart brains work there :)

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Most significantly of all, the discovery indicates that there may be a new type of matter – albeit one that lives for one billion trillion trillionth of a second before it decays.

From the article..

And we spent how much on this expensive toy to find that information ? ? Not to mention the wages of these "Super-brains" that work there -----


The mind is amazed at why so many are starving to death in this current climate, when so much more could be done ! ! !


(Just my opinion as always)

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Well Ron -


It may just also show how insignificant we all are in the meaning of the cosmos and our own existence. One billion trillion trillionth of a second may be a long time for some.


Like the caterpillar eventually turns into a butterfly, this exists for a few days at best (in our time), reproduces, then is gone forever.


I just thought they may target items more in tune with what we can relate to, but that is not what the Large Hadron Collider is for.

Split an atom, you must be joking, but that is now old technology, and done in schools almost.


They may yet prove the existence of String Theory or ?? who knows.. ...


My PC would have filled my house a while back, and still not have all of the functions it has, but now it sits in a very small box and almost works by itself.


P.S. Thanks pondus for your information -

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I have always worried the next particle they discover will be a Black Hole


Then we are toast

Stay away from large toaster ovens... because black holes are all over the universe.


You should follow the dark matter (and dark energy) discoveries instead. Fascinating stuff.

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My favourite thing in recent times which follows the discovery theme was the old boss of the skunk works when he was giving a talk and told people

"we now have the technology to take ET back home, but it would take an act of god for it to see the light of day"

He also mentions that Einstein's theory was off target and they have reworked the equation which makes light of many problems that couldn't be solved before now solvable, I for one would love all this to see the light of day.

I also agree Noknojon we can do much more as a race if we give up war and concentrate on tech and medical advancement and limit the human races numbers here on earth.....I know a few will call me Hitler for that last one, but all would benefit from a healthy more enriched life

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