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Install FAIL v2.18 or 2016

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My laptop won't update 32bit apps due to an impairment but I've been running mbam v 2.04 with manual updates when available. Today I tried to update to version 2.18...after several runtime errors, I tried version 2.16...same problem. I did a search and fund a recommendation on the forum to use mbam-clean.exe to uninstall prior mbam version...then install the new version. I did so but still could not install the new version. I tried the install from safe mode..still get runtime errors. I don't have this problem installing other software on this PC. At this point I have no mbam installed...would have been better off staying with version 2.04, although at this point that might not reinstall. If it does, I'll update this post. 

Any suggestions?

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Posting logs...this is the same kind of rabbit hole I went down when the 32-bit impairment 1st developed...I learned from that experience not to waste time trying to fix the unfixable.

I was able to install MBAM v2.04...the same version I had before trying to update to 2.18...It installed without a hitch...I used the 7/2/15 mbam2 rules to update it and it's happily scanning as I post this.

I'll try to install an mbam update again in 6 months..maybe the runtime error problem will be fixed.

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