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[SOLED] SSLVPN client blocked


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We use a Barracuda SSLVPN Appliance at work which executes a java client via the webbrowser every time you login to create a tunnel to our network. Unfortunately, Anti Exploit is blocking the execution of said program and I need to disable it to be able to connect :(


2015-07-13_11-45-16.png 2015-07-13_17-24-19.png


is there a way to exclude a website so I could keep Anti Exploit running AND connect to my work VPN?

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Does it also get blocked if you create a shortcut on your Desktop to the same Java application and execute it by double-clicking it from the Desktop?


I can't do that because the App gets downloaded again via the Browser every time you log-in for security reasons.

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Unfortunately there are certain things that Java should not be allowed to do as they are a huge security risk, and running certain cmd commands like in this case is one of those. Allowing this behavior allows Java (and attackers) total and unconditional control over the machine. This behavior block from Anti-Exploit is one of the basic blocks that cannot be fine-tuned in the Advanced settings. If you want to allow Java to bypass all the Java+OS+MBAE security measures you might as well disable the Java shield within MBAE. But if I were a Barracuda customer I would ask them to provide a more secure solution to establishing a SSLVPN connection. As it stands it is a security risk.


In the For Business version of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit there is a command-line interface that allows management of the protection. With that corporate build you could use the command-line interface to programmatically and temporarily turn off the Java shield and then re-enable it after the connection is successfully established. Alternatively in the Premium version you can achieve the same thing manually from the Shields tab or by simply stopping/starting the protection when establishing the VPN connection.

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