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Invalid license (was: Premium license key not working)


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I bought my key on ebay, in hindsight maybe not the smartest idea because I have some problems now. The seller told me that the ID and key are correct and he tested them.


I downloaded the latest version and entered my ID and Key. It gave me an error and said that either ID or key are not correct.


Now everytime I start my PC running Windows 8.1 btw I get the popup saying that my anti exploit premium (trial) has expired and I should choose between buying, activating a key or reverting back to free. Again entering my ID and key gives the error.


The seller said that when starting up the PC and seeing the popup MalwarebytesAnti Exploit Premium (Trial expired) running then everything is okay. That sounds wrong to me though. I can see the ID under About in the program.


Is this license valid now and the program working or should I try to get a refund?



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  • Staff

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting Lima.


The key you purchased on ebay is most likely a pirated key. Feel free to send it to me via Private Message for verification.


The first step is to attempt to get a refund from the ebay seller, and also report him to ebay as selling pirated license keys. If you don't get anywhere with the refund/ebay let me know and we'll see what we can do in regards to converting your pirate key into a new legit key.

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  • Staff

Hi agustin, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


The license key you purchased is a pirated key. Please do report the seller to ebay as fraudulent.


Also PM me your invoice or confirmation from the purchase and I'll exchange your pirated key for a legitimate one.

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  • Staff

Hi there!


We have never had any lifetime licenses for MBAE. In 1.07 we added blacklisting of some pirate keys. Maybe the key you purchased was sold by a pirate seller. Where did you buy it from? Please PM me the details of your purchase and I'll exchange the pirate key for a new legit key.



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I bought the key for eBay and it say it is lifetime license, but today my key didn't work maybe my key get blacklisted.


IMO, one should always buy "direct from the Vender".

Pirated Key/Licenses disguised as 'a bargain' is not a new development and has been going on for years.

Cheaper seldom is better!

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I have been running MBAE for well over a year now until today when I did an update. Like others in this thread, I received the notification "Trial Period Expired" and that my license was found to be invalid.


In my case, I was under the impression that I was purchasing a lifetime license for MBAE (version from an 'Authorised Reseller' via their Ebay store. In hindsight I understand that purchasing direct from the vendor would have avoided this problem (no need for any lectures), however I did not at all suspect I was purchasing an invalid license and the whole deal seemed legitimate. I was even reassured by the seller of 'after sales' support... I won't be taking advantage of any "great deals" like that again.


I tried searching on Ebay for the seller, but they're account no longer exists. I checked for my PayPal transaction receipt, but unfortunately it looks like the transaction will not be covered under 'Buyers Protection'.


I wonder how many others have been fooled by this seller.

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