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Difference between MBAR and MBAMs rootkit detection

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I looked for a definitive answer but couldnt find one, particularly with the latest MBAM release.

I have MBAM premium and i have rootkit detection enabled. Does this offer less detection capability than MBAR itself?

Or is it redundant to use MBAR and MBAM?

I also noticed that rootkit scanning was removed from hyper scans which was a feature i liked.

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Hello blackdovemobile:


If non-database updates/upgrades are made to MBAR Beta's basic coding, and have passed the in-house scrutiny of developers and the Quality Assurance team, then those changes can be further tried in the public beta which is what MBAR Beta remains.


After passing those acid tests, those coding changes can be included in a future release of MBAM, whose public distribution is now numbered in the millions.


Statistically it is unlikely that frequent use of the resolution only qualities of MBAR Beta would significantly benefit your system compared to the preventative and resolution abilities of the latest MBAM Premium, the preventative capabilities of MBAE/MBAE Premium, and a high quality installed Anti-Virus arsenal.


Many experienced MBAM Premium users prefer running thorough and scheduled Threat Scans as opposed to the faster Hyper Scans.



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I also noticed that rootkit scanning was removed from hyper scans which was a feature i liked.

Sorry for late reply, but, just to add:
Anti-Rootkit scanning was removed from the Hyper scan options recently because it was never supposed to be there, in the first place.
More about that here: http://www.sevenforums.com/system-security/240099-latest-version-malwarebytes-post3091945.html#post3091945
(And 1PW is correct about MBAR-beta vs. the "built-in" anti-rootkit feature in MBAM, as explained here by forum Admin, exile360: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170229-anti-root-kit-beta/#entry974836)

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