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question about a link's formatting

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I got a payment confirmation email from a minecraft server hosting company that i use(and have for years) and the view invoice link that's supposed to take me to my specific payment invoice shows this when i mouse over it. I changed the t's to x's in https.


When i mouse over the longer, normal looking invoice link that short weird link shows like it will take me to it if clicked, and not to the longer, normally formatted url.

Is this just some kind of error in formatting by their system that generates the links or something else?

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If this confirmation came within minutes after you submitted your payment, it most likely is legitimate. These companies often use a 3rd party collection agency to handle their subscriptions. The concern actually goes back to the site you were on when you subscribed - was it legit? I don't know. How did you get the payment page?


As noted, without seeing specifics, we cannot tell. But I will tell what I always (or never) do.


When I get emails about my account with companies I have an existing relationship with and the link provided is not obvious it belongs to that company, I never click on the link they provide. I always go out to their site by entering their home page in my browser's address bar. Then I go to my Account from there. In this way, I know I am really on the company's site and not a fake site.


What you should be able to do now is visit your account at Minecraft and see if your payment was accepted. Check your bank statement too.


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