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No Application logs in MBAM

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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes :)

Let's try this first on the one having issues....

Thank You,


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Well, this is very odd.  I was preparing to do the clean uninstall/reinstall.. I made copies of every setting for fast re-configuring, I downloaded the installer and the mbam-clean executable.  I made sure I had my license keys available, and was all ready to get with it.  I decided to check on the History page one last time (I'm not even sure why I wanted to do that) and guess what was there?  Yep.  All scan logs and protection logs dating back to May 8th.  Amazing!  The only thing I did that MIGHT have in any way triggered this reappearance of the log files was yesterday I clicked on the Delete All button (on the blank page), thinking that sometimes toggling a setting on and off or whatever might prompt it into action.  It did nothing, as I knew it wouldn't (because there was nothing there to delete, right?).  I even checked the History page in the console earlier today, and the log files were not there.  Most unusual!


It was almost as if the program knew I was going to uninstall it, and it said, "Wait a minute, I'm okay!".   :lol:

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Do you use software such as ccleaner to clean out temp files? I know that ccleaner has a setting under applications to clean out Malwarebytes log files I believe???

Yes, you are correct about CCleaner, Firefox, and I double-checked that setting first thing when I became aware of this issue... I mean, it's a natural place to look, right?

However the MBAM selection in CC is unchecked.


The good news is that everything is copasetic one day after doing the clean removal thing.  I wanted to wait a while before responding, to see if the old business-as-usual behavior was still present, wherein the logs would disappear, reappear, then vanish again.  It's not.  The logs are compiling and remaining, as they should.


I am still somewhat skeptical in the back of my brain, thinking that the logs could go away again, so time will tell.


Thanks for recommending the clean uninstall/reinstall process, Firefox.  Your volunteer work here is appreciated.  Hoping this fixes things for good.  

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